Stuck between a rock and a good place

Who we are

Magnetic Rock is a product incubator on a mission to educate the world

We have a big, bold mission – to 'upskill humanity'. Sound hard? Well, it is, which is why we're assembling an amazing team of people to do it.

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Why it matters

Cyber security has never mattered more to all of us

Our initial focus is on building edtech products for the cyber security industry. It's a vital sector with a big skills shortage. We believe we can help change that.

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T-Mobile breach hits 53 million customers as probe finds wider impact

Source: Reuters

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Colonial Pipeline CEO Tells Why He Paid Hackers a $4.4 Million Ransom

Source: Wall Street Journal

The cost of cybercrime is rising fast

2020 $948 billion
2018 $522 billion
2014 $475 billion
2013 $300 billion

Source: McAfee

The global cyber security workforce shortage


Source: ISC2

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Hacker tries to poison water supply of Florida city

Source: BBC

Progress so far

We're creating things that make a real difference

We're still near the start of our journey, but we've already achieved so much. Several products launched, thousands of people impacted.

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SANS Foundations

Recognised as the best single course available to kickstart your career in cybersecurity, having empowered thousands of students across the USA and UK.

Launched 2020

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Tomahawque Now ''

A hugely successful Capture the Flag and cyber security training platform. Built and acquired in less than 18 months.

Acquired 2020

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Managing Cyber Risk

An exclusive video series designed to share practical insights and tips at the Board and senior manager level regarding essential cyber security defences.

Currently in limited beta

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Giving professionals and companies the ability to identify those with a unique potential for a career in cyber security.

Launching early 2022

BootUp CTF

A new and exciting way for nascent cyber security professionals to get acquainted with Capture the Flag tournaments.

Currently in limited beta

Project Spark

A collection of gamified mobile and desktop learning products aimed at young children, teenagers and professionals.

Currently in concept development

Want to help us build the next great thing?

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The challenge

We need builders and innovators

We're at the beginning of a journey that we think will make a huge difference to the world, and we need great people to help us get there.